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Gotamochi Kawaii Shop, Ltd. was founded in June 2017 with the sole mission of providing stylish and affordable clothing and accessories inspired by popular asian culture. Since opening our first office in Toronto, Ontario, the Gotamochi team has since grown to collaborate with bloggers, designers, customer service representatives, artisans, manufacturers from around the world - dedicated to providing the best online retail experience! Throughout the history of our business, we always had our customers at its' core . This principle was firmly cemented by the company's founders and has been passed down to every single employee. As a result, we were able to grow from a local Canadian business to an international focused company that ships worldwide over 73 countries -  free of cost.

Our Mission at Gotamochi is to provide as much value to the world as possible!
If you have any questions or concerns, give us a shout at info@gotamochi.com
Thank you so mochi! ❤️
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